Agrochemical – AMPRO™

Agro-Specialties to formulate crop protection adjuvants enhancing your products’ performance and value

In 2013, Aik Moh forms a new Business Group – Agro-Specialties to formulate crop protection adjuvants under the brand name, AMPRO™.
The strength of the group is the ability to supply customers with efficient delivery of products and services that help enhancing the efficacy of pesticides and increase crops yield. Our professional team also provides technical solutions to extend and sustain customers’ growth.
AMPRO™’s vision is not only to be premier supplier of safe, environmental friendly products, but also partner to our customers, enhancing their products’ performance and value.
AMPRO™ AG Adjuvants Series
Key Features
  • Good penetration providing better pesticide uptake and efficacy.
  • Better spray treatment adhesion on crop and plant surfaces.
  • Enhanced spreading for spray coverage of crop and leaf surfaces.
  • Rain fastness to lower pesticide wash-off and waste.
  • Biodegradable
Product name Application Chemical description Physical Form at 25 °C Technical Data Sheet
AMPRO™ AG-G101 Adjuvant for glyphosate Biodegradable surfactant Liquid AG-G101
AMPRO™ AG-P201 Adjuvant for Paraquat Biodegradable surfactant Liquid AG-P201
AMPRO™ AG-GD480 Adjuvant for Glyphosate + 2,4-D Biodegradable surfactant Liquid AG-GD480
AMPRO™ AG-GLU828 Adjuvant for Glufosinate Biodegradable surfactant Liquid AG-GLU828
AMPRO™ AG-S301 1)Adjuvant for tank-mix
2) Acaricide
3) Fungicide for banana and mango
Biodegradable surfactant + mineral oil Liquid AG-S301



Please refer to AMPRO™ brochure for more information.