Infrastructure Overview

Aik Moh currently owns 3 chemical factories and an upcoming fourth factory in third quarter of 2014. Aik Moh aims to be a one stop chemical solution partner for our customers.
With the growing of our business group, from chemical distribution to a full 3rd party logistics with our own warehouses, transport fleet, freight forwarding. All this cannot be accomplished without the extensive knowledge, experience and capability of our employee and the proficient asset management by our management team. At Aik Moh we emphasise on fully utilising our infrastructure to achieve biggest benefits for our customers.


Aik Moh’s proficient in mixing lies not only from our experience but as well as the proficient of our facilities’. The ability to blend different types of hazardous (flammable, corrosive) chemicals in bulk volumes gives us an advantage.
With our blending services as well as in-depth product knowledge, you can assured that we can meet your demands to the last detail. Our manufacturing facilities are complemented by Quality Assurance officers who ensure that your products are blended according to your specifications every time
In short, Aik Moh is well-equipped with an efficient toll blending system as shown below to satisfaction our customer:
• 13 Small Mixing Tanks (ranging from 5K to 10K Lt)
• 3 Big Mixing Tanks-Stainless Steel (25K Lt in capacity)
• With total 25+ Stainless/PP blending tanks from 2K Lt to 20K Lt
• Concrete Platform with well-equipped chemical mixing systems to handle liquid and powder


Aik Moh currently owns three factories in Singapore specially designed and approved for hazardous chemicals storage. With over twenty five years of experience in chemical warehousing and chemical transportation services, we offer various advantages to our clients; such as being a one-stop service provider for chemical toll blending, storage, drumming and transportation. We provide safe, clean, and secure facilities with experienced professionals who are continually quality trained to meet the various service needs of our customers. All our drivers have undergone the Hazardous Materials driving course so as to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle the hazardous chemicals
These are some features of Aik Moh’s warehouse that put us a one step ahead of others:
• Our Warehouses are licensed to store flammable and hazardous chemicals
• Total floor area of 183,000 sq ft storage area, licensed to store chemicals
• 4 x Holding Tanks (10K & 30K Lt)
• 4 underground tanks (~25KLt)
• Epoxy coating flooring for better protection in case of spillage
• High Ceiling with nature lighting and assisted ventilation system


Our strength lies in our capabilities in mixing and blending, repacking and storage of different type of chemicals in substantial volumes and delivery to customers 
An efficient repacking system with the assistance of our machines:
• 3 Drumming line
• Semi Auto Tin Filling System
• Able to fill from 5Lt to 18Lt tins
• 4 separate underground storage tanks ( 20K Lt )
• 2 separate stainless steel tanks (30K Lt )


To be able to provide with our customers with a one stop service, Aik Moh manage our own fleet of transport lorries and road tankers to support our high frequency of delivery and on-time delivery, In order to cater to different group of customers, we have our own ISO containers 24,000 Lt in capacity that allowed us for efficient bulk delivery to customers requiring higher volumes
Our trustworthy transportation fleet comprises of:
• 6 heavy + 1 medium lorries 
• 2 Prime Movers
• 7 ISO-tanks
• 1 Road tanker
• 1 Transport Vans