AIK MOH PAINTS & CHEMICALS PTE LTD is a petrochemical company from manufacturing, distribution and import/export specializing in Design, Blending & Mixing of chemicals and solvents.

Aik Moh acknowledges the possible environmental impact caused by her business operations and products/services and strives to promote global environmental preservation and prevent pollution.

Aik Moh will integrate ISO 14001: 2015 into every aspect of our operations - Design, Blending & Mixing of chemicals and solvents in consistent with the policy statement set forth above, Aik Moh will:

  • Manage environmental aspect related to Blending, Mixing & Repacking, Sales & Transportation of our products and services.
  • Establish framework for setting & reviewing environmental objective and targets to achieve continual improvement in overall operation environmental performances
  • Compliance with applicable local environmental laws and regulation and EU regulations pertaining to ROHs, for her operation as well as the hazardous waste generated in its operations.
  • Establish and maintain system and audits them by means of a systematic, documented verification process to ensure continuous improvement.
  • The company also fosters employee awareness about the importance of environment, health and safety standard through training and other programs.
  • Prevent pollution through management of waste and emissions; improve efficiency of energy use and conserve other natural resources
  • Effective of use of material resources by improving in process yield rates. 

The environmental management system documents and their usage will be communicated to all employees & public through educational program.

By: Mr. Jimmy Soh, Managing Director