Toll Blending, Singapore Business Group


In 2005, Aik Moh formed a Toll Blending Business Group (TBBG) to enhance our capabilities to offer our expertise and infrastructure to customers. This step also
The strength of the group is the ability to offer customers with efficient blending of chemicals, storage and delivery at competitive prices. Our professional team also provides technical solutions to extend and sustain customers’ growth. Aik Moh offers toll blending services that are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BizSafe Level 3certified.
Our extensive knowledge, experience and capability allow us to support customers’ manufacturing function while releasing the customers’ need to physically own a factory and machinery assets. Aik Moh is dedicated to providing formulation solutions for customers in different industries. We aiming to provide comprehensive technical solutions and faster, more convenient technical support for all our customers.
Our Strength
  • Experienced manufacturing technology and support personnel.
  • Quick response to customer needs.
  • New and well maintained production factory and facilities.
  • Flexible production – small to large batch sizes.
  • Inventory management system to handle large transaction of finished goods and raw materials.
  • Extensive laboratory capabilities to perform QC testing and support customer development works.
  • Strong logistics support service from warehousing, transportation to freight forwarding.
Please refer to Toll Blending brochure for more information.